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The Encrypted Economy

The Encrypted Economy podcast explores the business, laws, regulation, and security relating to our most valuable digital data…whether financial assets, proprietary data or personal information. Join us each week as we delve into what makes up the new encrypted economy as well as the developments that are shaping our economies and world.

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Latest Episodes

The Truths and Myths of Cooperatives – Greg Brodsky, Founder of Start.Coop – E57

This week on The Encrypted Economy, our guest is Greg Brodsky, founder of Start.Coop. Greg joins us to discuss worker cooperatives and Start.Coop’s mission to empower entrepreneurs by supporting...

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The Fork in the Road for DeFi – Lewis Cohen, Founder of DLx Law – E56

This week on The Encrypted Economy, our guest is Lewis Cohen, founder of DLx Law. Lewis’ numerous contributions to the blockchain community show his valued perspective in the digital...

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Are DAO’s and Cooperatives a Good Fit? Linda Phillips, Yev Muchnik and Jacqueline Radebaugh, JR Wiener PC – E55

This week on The Encrypted Economy, we have Linda Phillips, Yev Muchnik, and Jacqueline Radebaugh of Jason Weiner P.C. With ample experience advising organizations as they transition their business...

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What Is FATF’s Latest on Virtual Assets? Michael Mosier, Former FinCen Acting Director and Stealth Project Team Member – E54

This week on The Encrypted Economy,  we have Michael Mossier, former FinCEN acting director and stealth project team member. As an expert in financial developments with a strong background...

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Privacy Tech, Data, and Nuclear Waste. Dan Bogdanov, Head of R&D at Cybernetica -E53

This week on The Encrypted Economy, we are joined again by Dan Bogdanov, Director of the Information Security Institute at Cybernetica and the Co-Inventor of Sharemind. With a Ph.D....

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What Should Law’s Role Be in Social Media? Vasant Dhar, Professor NYU Stern & Center for Data Science – E52

This week on The Encrypted Economy, my guest is Vasant Dhar, Professor at NYU Stern and Center for Data Science. As an expert in digital transformation and artificial intelligence,...

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Most frequent questions and answers

The Encrypted Economy podcast explores the business, laws, regulation, and security relating to our most valuable digital data, whether that’s a financial asset itself, proprietary data or personally identifiable information. To recognize value from this data, we have to encrypt it and thus, encryption is an enabling technology that permits efficiencies and business models to be built around it. Encryption is the underpinning to why we are able to transfer and process sensitive data, personal information and digital assets.

I’ve been writing blogs for almost a decade, initially relating to financial regulation and risk management, then shifting more to cyber security after founding Helical.
The Encrypted Economy allows me to engage firsthand with the people who are the doers or who have a unique expertise or perspective. I want to learn from them and to help my audience learn from them. There is something very exciting about engaging with the subject matter experts to talk firsthand about the topics that I would otherwise be writing a blog about. My mission is to peel back the layers of the encrypted economy and focus on its component parts, as well as how all these parts are influencing one another.

Mostly discussions with really interesting people who bring insight and perspective to the show’s focus. I will be switching it up occasionally by either doing a show either by myself or with a co-host. When that happens, I might be doing a deeper dive on a current development or a topic from an earlier show. With all that said, I am doing it for the audience, so PLEASE give me feedback. If you want to hear more on a particular area or want to shape what we are discussing, then let me know. Go for it!

The Encrypted Economy will be a weekly podcast. It is going to be available on any podcast streaming app and YouTube.