Crypto Politics & the Regulation of Swaps: Christine Parker, Partner at Reed Smith LLP – E43

This week on The Encrypted Economy, my guest is Christine Parker, Partner at Reed Smith. As an accomplished attorney with expertise in regulatory, enforcement, and transactional matters relating to commodities, derivatives, and cryptocurrencies, Christine gives her perspective on the current regulatory environment surrounding crypto assets. Be sure to subscribe to The Encrypted Economy for more insight on innovative technologies and their regulatory framework in a digitized economy.

Topics Covered:
·       Introduction
·       Christine’s Background
·       How Does Congress View Digital Assets?
·       Break Down and Updates to Christine’s Testimony
·       What is Gensler’s Perspective on SEF’s?
·       Congress’ Suggestions to Crypto Exchanges
·       Complications With Classifying Digital Assets as Commodities


Resource List:

·       Christine’s LinkedIn
·       Reed Smith Twitter
·       Reed Smith
·       Christine Parker Testifying Before the House Financial Services Subcommittee
·       Gensler DeFi Criticism
·       Howey Test
·       Poloniex Settlement
·       Securities-Based Swap Execution Facilities
·       Dodd-Frank
·       Definitions of Swaps and Security-Based Swaps

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