Eric Hess, What Is the SEC Signaling to DAO’s? – E37

This week’s episode of The Encrypted Economy is dedicated to the discussion of the current legal environment and relevant news regarding decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations aim to reduce human inputs to zero, drastically reducing labor costs and optimizing processes, unlike anything we have ever seen before. Join us this week to explore the concept of DAOs, and take a dive into a revolutionary new organizational structure that prioritizes community engagement and transparency to foster consistent innovation. Be sure to subscribe to The Encrypted Economy for more coverage of the innovations in blockchain that can reshape how our businesses function.

Episode Transcript

Topics Covered:
·       Introduction
·       What is a DAO?
·       Benefits of DAOs
·       Regulatory Framework for DAOs
·       Understanding Bitconnect
·       Bitconnect and Implications on DAO Participants

Resource List:
·       Eric Hess LinkedIn
·       Eric Hess Twitter
·       What is a DAO?
·       Full MIT DAO Discussion
·       Wyoming DAO Statute
·       Gary Gensler’s Testimony
·       Hinman Speech
·       SEC Complaint Against Bitconnect Promoters
·       Gary Dewaal Full Episode
·       The Howey Test
·       SEC’s Settlement with Zachary Coburn of EtherDelta

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