How MiCA Fits In (Panel Series 4 of 4) – E107

How MiCA Fits In (Panel Series 4 of 4) – E107

On this week’s episode of The Encrypted Economy, we our final panel discussion on MiCA. We give an overview of current EU legislation and  discuss achieving real viability and effectiveness with Markets in Crypto-Assets regulation.  Be sure to subscribe to The Encrypted Economy for more insight on innovative regulatory frameworks in web 3.0.

Topics Covered:
· 3:30    Discussing ESMA and EBA and Their Roles Regarding MiCA
· 22:40    Understanding European Legislation
· 31:40    Will Regulators Become Even More Stringent?
· 33:30    The Scope of EBA in Regards to MiCA
· 37:00    What Regulations are Going to Impact MiCA?
· 53:00    Blacklisting Under New Regulation
· 1:12:00   Can an Asset Fall Under Both MiFID and MiCA?
· 1:17:00     Developments with the Data Act·
· 1:32:50     Discussing DORA and Product Liability
· 1:42:40     How Does PSD2 Factor into this?

Resource List:
·       Alexandru’s LinkedIn
·       Marina’s LinkedIn
·       Francesco’s LinkedIn
·       William’  s LinkedIn
·       SLV Legal
·       The European Crypto Initiative
·       Crypto Policy Updates
·       MiCA
·       GDPR
·       MiCA Overview and Categorization of Crypto Assets
·       Digital Operational Resilience Act
·       ESMA
·       Transfer of funds regulation
·       EU payment services directive PSD2
·       The competing priorities facing U.S. crypto regulations


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