Igor Mezic, CTO of MixMode: Simplifying AI, What’s Old Is New

On this week’s episode of The Encrypted Economy, my guest is Igor Mezic, a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at UC Santa Barbra, and the CTO of MixMode.AI. Igor is a leading innovator on a methodology known as the Koopman Operator, which is commonly used in modern AI. We discuss the fundamentals of the Koopman operator and its underlying mathematical theories, followed by a journey through the practical areas where Igor has put it to use. From jet engines, to cybersecurity, to smart buildings, this is an episode of the Encrypted Economy you will not want to miss. If you like this episode, be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave us your thoughts on what you would like to hear next. To learn more about Igor and the Koopman Operator, check out our list of episode resources below. 

Topics Covered 

  • Igor’s Introduction to Science 
  • Finite Dynamical System Analysis 
  • Linear vs Non-Linear Systems 
  • The Koopman Operator 
  • The Problem With Machine Learning 
  • The Chaos of Rule-Based AI 
  • Applying Koopman to Healthcare, AI, Commerce, and Security 
  • IOT Device Security Threats 
  • Igor’s Work on Smart Buildings 
  • How MixMode uses Koopman 

Resource Links