Jack Lu and Weija Zhang, Wanchain: How to Bridge across 10,000 Blockchains – E41

This week on The Encrypted Economy, my guests are Jack Lu and Weijia Zhang, CEO and VP of Engineering at Wanchain. Wanchain provides solutions for the connectivity problem inhibiting the growth of blockchain technology. The interoperability platform enables developers to build cross-chain applications that span several blockchains instead of the conventional networks that operate in isolation. Be sure to subscribe to The Encrypted Economy for more insight on technologies that enable global connectivity and financial freedom of the financial system.

Topics Covered:
·       Introduction
·       Jack’s Background
·       Weijia’s Background
·       What is the Mission of Wanchain?
·       How Does Wanchain Enhance the Capabilities of Chains?
·       Introducing Cross-Chain Concepts
·       Use Cases for Cross-Chain
·       The Mechanics of Bridging Chains
·       Cross-Chain Interoperability Compared to Sharding
·       Ensuring Security of Wanchain
·       Discussing the Future of Wanchain
·       Creating Regulatory Structures in Blockchain
·       Eric’s Background


Resource List:

·       Jack’s LinkedIn
·       Weijia’s LinkedIn
·       Jack’s Twitter
·       Wanchain
·       Wanchain Twitter
·       Wanchain Enables More Functionality for XRP
·       Cross-Chain Use Cases
·       CBDC Interoperability and Standards Challenge
·       Sharding

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