Jeanine Hightower and Corey Wendling, Atomyze:  Time To Tokenize The Commodities Markets

This week on The Encrypted Economy, my guests are Jeanine Hightower-Selitto and Corey Wendling, CEO and CTO of Atomyze LLC. Atomyze utilizes blockchain technologies to revolutionize the commodities marketplace, seeking to ease the process of digitizing and investing in physical assets. With extensive experience working in FinTech and various architectures across multiple industries, Jeanine and Corey give us their insight into tokenizing these assets and enabling more potential investors to have access to the space.

Topics Covered:

·       An Introduction to Hyperledger Fabrics (0:00)
·       Jeanine’s Background (2:20)
·       Corey’s Background (6:13)
·       Challenges with Adoption of Commodity-Backed Cryptocurrency (9:26)
·       Tokenization of Metals (14:10)
·       Technology Challenges for Atomyze (16:51)
·       Advantages of Hyperledger Fabric (18:32)
·       The Use Cases of Smart Contracts (20:04)
·       Integrating Custody (24:20)
·       Derivatives Trading Opportunities (26:13)
·       Managing Security and Hyperledger Integration (29:15)
·       Audit Process (30:56)
·       Additional Asset Classes (33:54)
·       Security Standards (37:39)

Resource Links:

·       Jeanine’s LinkedIn
·       Jeanine’s Twitter
·       Corey’s LinkedIn
·       Hyperledger Fabric
·       Tokenization
·       Commodity-Backed Stable Coin
·       Smart Contracts
·       Natural Validators
·       Custody of Digital Assets
·       Hyperledger Fabric Transaction Processing
·       800-171 Recommended Security Requirements
·       Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Framework
·       DevSecOps

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