Kevin McCarthy, VP of Business Development at Inpher: On Secret Computing

This week on The Encrypted Economy, my guest is Kevin McCarthy, Vice President of Business Development at Inpher. Inpher is another major player in the privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) space, continuing The Encrypted Economy’s quest to shine a light on technologies like Homomorphic Encryption, Secure-Multiparty Computation, and many other PETs. We have talked to lead researchers in the field like Kurt Rohloff, Brett Hemenway Falk, and Ellison Anne Williams, but Kevin brings a fresh perspective with his BD focus. He is dedicated to making the professional community aware of the new world of business opportunities that will become available as PETs are adopted by more organizations, and it was great to have him share that vision on the podcast. We discussed what sets Inpher apart from others, the current limitations of PETs, the future battles for regulation and widespread adoption, and so much more. Don’t miss this great episode of The Encrypted Economy and be sure to check out our past episodes on PETs. We hope to take you along on the journey as we dive deeper into the world of Privacy Enhancing Technologies.

Topics Covered

  • Kevin’s Background
  • Inpher’s Place Among the Value Drivers for PETs
  • Talking to Decision Makers About PETs
  • The State of Computational Limitations
  • PETs on the Network Edge
  • Avoiding Data Leakage & The Death of Anonymization
  • Inpher’s Win at iDash
  • Interfacing with Regulators
  • PETs & a Crypto CAT

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