Looking Back on 2021, Eric Hess – E60

This week’s episode of The Encrypted Economy is dedicated to looking back at some of the conversations throughout the year and discussing the developments in blockchain since each one took place. Be sure to subscribe to The Encrypted Economy for more perspective on blockchain and its implementation into the modern economy.

Topics Covered
·       Introduction
·       Setting the Tone of The Encrypted Economy
·       Facilitating Collaboration with Privacy Enhancing Technology
·       Snapshot of Previous Episodes
·       Wrapping Up the Year and Looking Ahead

Resource List:
·       Eric Hess LinkedIn
·       Igor Mezic
·       Gary DeWaal
·       Dave Jevans
·       Matt Kaufman
·       Jack Lu and Weija Zhang
·       Richard Yan
·       Matt Zand
·       Linda Phillips, Yev Muchnik, and Jacqueline Radebaugh
·       Jeanine Hightower
·       Greg Xethalis


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