Marc Boiron, General Counsel for DeFi Protocol dYdX, What Cryptolaw Is Talking About Now

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This week on The Encrypted Economy, my guest is Marc Boiron, General Counsel for dYdX. Marc has established himself as a respected name in Crypto Law, and it was a pleasure to have him on the show. We took a deep dive into the regulatory state of the industry, covering DAOs, NFTs, and the impacts that regulators like FATF and the SEC will inevitably have on their futures. Any listeners unfamiliar with Marc’s work will undoubtedly learn something new in this interview, which I let go a bit longer than usual since the conversation was so valuable. Don’t miss this episode of The Encrypted Economy, and subscribe to make sure that you never miss another! 

Topics Covered 

  • Marc’s Background 
  • The Challenges of Crypto Law
  • The Concern of Regulatory Uncertainty
  • Distinguishing the Risk of FATF
  • Blockstack’s Regulatory Dilemma 
  • Wyoming’s New DAO Law 
  • NFT Frameworks
  • What Makes a Security?

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