Mark Wetjen, CEO of MIAX Futures: Adapting To Disruption Through Digital Asset History

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This week on The Encrypted Economy, my guest is Mark Wetjen, the CEO of MIAX Futures. Mark’s career in finance has had many influential stops in both the public and private sectors, and it was a privilege to have his voice on the podcast. In Washington DC, Mark started in Harry Reid’s office and rose all the way up to the Chairmanship of the CFTC where he hosted the government’s most viewed public hearing on the subject of Bitcoin’s classification. From there he moved on to the DTCC and his current role with MIAX where he leads the development of the exchange’s most innovative new products. Mark’s career is a picture-perfect representation of the push to integrate cryptocurrencies into our financial infrastructure, and his perspective is vital towards understanding where that push will head in the future. Don’t miss my conversation with Mark and be sure to keep an eye on MIAX.

Topics Covered 

  • Mark’s Background  
  • Mark & Bitcoin at the CFTC
  • How the Regulatory Status of Crypto has Evolved
  • The Future of the CFTC
  • The Importance of the DTCC
  • How Regulation fits into a Shortened Settlement Cycle
  • MIAX’s Role in the Crypto Space
  • Bermuda’s DABA Regime
  • MIAX, the Minneapolis Grain Exchange & MidChains 
  • The Innovative Tech Behind MIAX 

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