Matt Walsh, Cofounder of Castle Island Ventures on Investing in the Disruptive Technologies (S1, E6)

On this episode of the Encrypted Economy, I was excited to have Matt Walsh, the co-founder of Castle Island Ventures, and co-host of the On the Brink podcast on the show. I’ve been following both Matt and his co-founder Nic Carter for a few months now, and I’ve been very impressed with their thoughtfulness in the blockchain and digital asset space, as well as their investment selection. Certainly, their investment list is directly in line with the thesis of the Encrypted Economy. Matt and I talked about how investing in blockchain technologies and digital asset technologies is different than investing in other ventures,the obstacles that these spaces face, and what it takes for leaders to embrace the change that comes along with moving in these spaces.We even moved on to topics like digital currencies and their potential ramifications onthe global central banking system. Matt brought many unique and innovative ideas to the table, which could provide an intimate view into the future of public blockchain technologies.It was a very insightful, intriguing podcast, and I enjoyed it tremendously. I am sure that you will too. Stay tuned to the Encrypted Economy for more thoughtful conversations and be sure to keep an eye on Castle Island Ventures and the On the Brink podcast.

Topics Covered

  • Matt’s Background
  • On the Brink Podcast
  • Transitioning from Fidelity to Start-up
  • What Sets Castle Island Apart?
  • Castle Island’s Portfolio
  • Integrating Digital Assets into Traditional Portfolios
  • What Will Disrupt Digital Assets?
  • Digital Currency Impacts on Central Banking
  • Defining Custody and Securities in Regulation
  • Governance Tokens
  • Largest Digital Asset Opportunities of 2021
  • The Demand for Decentralization
  • The Future of US Regulation

Resource List