MiCA: What a CASP Must Do in the EU (Panel Series 3) – E105

MiCA: What a CASP Must Do in the EU (Panel Series 3) – E105

On this week’s episode of The Encrypted Economy, we continue our panel series discussing MiCA. We delve into the appeals of MiCA in creating a common framework for the licensing of Crypto Asset Service Providers. Be sure to subscribe to The Encrypted Economy for more insights on the latest regulatory developments in web 3.0.

Topics Covered:
·       3:00   Introduction to CASPs
·       8:40   Licensing Requirements for a Custodian of Digital Assets
·       22:57   Grey Areas in MiCA
·       32:30   Obligations of a CASP
·       40:40   How Does MiCA Address Insolvency?
·       48:20   Walking through the Obligations
·       55:00   Applicable Provisions Regarding Market Abuse Forecasts
·       1:06:10   Liability in the Context of a CASP
·       1:21:00   Compliance Implications for Smaller Firms
·       1:34:00   Discussing FTX

Resource List:
·       Alexandru’s LinkedIn
·       Jonathan’s LinkedIn
·       Marina’s LinkedIn
·       Francesco’s LinkedIn
·       William’s LinkedIn
·       Alireza’s LinkedIn
·       MiCA Overview
·       MiCA Heralds New Era of Regulatory Scrutiny
·       What EU’s MiCA regulation means for crypto-asset service providers
·       MiFID
·       Reg ATS
·       MiCA and FTX 


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