Rand Hindi, CEO of Zama.ai: How End To End Encryption is Coming To AI and The Internet

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This week on The Encrypted Economy, my guest is Rand Hindi, the CEO of Zama.AI. Any previous listeners of the podcast will know that the potential of privacy-enhancing technologies like homomorphic encryption has been a central focus of mine. We have had the privilege of interviewing innovative researchers and business leaders in the space to help paint apicture of this industry’s future, and this week’s episode continues the trend. My conversation with Rand was our most technical episode to date, so be sure to check out the resource list below for all the information you will need to get the most out of Rand’s insights. To hear more about the exciting world of privacy enhancing technologies, make sure to subscribe to The Encrypted Economy and share the episode with your friends!

Topics Covered

  • A Technical Background in Advanced Encryption 
  • The Different Branches of Homomorphic Encryption
  • What is Programmable Bootstrapping
  • Differentiating FHE Libraries
  • The Immediate Opportunities of Programmable Bootstrapping
  • The Vision of a Fully Encrypted Internet
  • Zama’s AI Framework
  • Where do we go After HTTPZ?

Resource List