Sasa Milic: How to Improve Data for Smart Contracts

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This week on The Encrypted Economy, my guest is Sasa Milic, a Co-Founder of API3. API3 is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DA0), providing decentralized API’s to blockchain projects that overcome the Oracle Problem. For any listener with an interest in how outside information is brought into blockchains safely and efficiently, this episode is for you. If you have never heard of Oracles before, and are still wrapping your head around the concept of a DAO, there is plenty of great informational content for you as well in this insightful interview. Sasa’s was an incredibly valuable voice to have on the podcast, and this is an episode you will not want to miss. Keep an eye on Sasa and API3 as they continue to grow and subscribe to The Encrypted Economy for more weekly interviews! 

Topics Covered 

  • The Value of a Crypto Bear Market 
  • Sasa’s Background
  • What is an Oracle? 
  • Why do we Need Oracles? 
  • Oracle’s Three Body Problem
  • Sybil Attacks and Protecting Oracles 
  • API3’s Airnode
  • Working on Bank API’s 
  • Let’s Talk About Staking 
  • The Rush to DAOs 
  • API3 DAO Governance Structures

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