The Fork in the Road for DeFi. Lewis Cohen, DLx Law – E56

This week on The Encrypted Economy, our guest is Lewis Cohen, founder of DLx Law. Lewis’ numerous contributions to the blockchain community show his valued perspective in the digital asset ecosystem. He joins us to give his insights on the evolution of Defi and some of the metrics we use to pave our way in the space. Be sure to subscribe to The Encrypted Economy for more perspective on the adoption of blockchain and digitization initiatives.

 Topics Covered:
· Introduction
· Lewis’ Background 
· Grading Regulators
· Are Regulators Influenced by Political Motivation?
· The Evolution of Token Offerings
· Addressing Permission Issues 
· Distinction Between Permission and Non Permission Access
· Understanding the Reves Test
· Adopting Different Types of Lending Platforms
· Introducing the World to Blockchain through NFT  

Resource List:
· Lewis’ LinkedIn
· Lewis’ Twitter
· DLx Law
· The Reves Test
· Defi: A Pathway Forward
· Soc Gen and Maker Dao
· Howey Test 

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