Thomas Attema, Cryptography Scientist at TNO: Privacy Tech At Work In The Kingdom – E36

This week on The Encrypted Economy, my guest is Research Scientist Thomas Attema, a cryptographer from the Netherlands-based applied research institute TNO. TNO works to bridge the gap between academia and industry to implement sustainable competitive innovation that enhances the well-being of society. Thomas sheds light on utilizing developments in tech to tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time. Be sure to subscribe to The Encrypted Economy for more insight on privacy-enhancing technologies and their benefit to the future of our world.

Episode Transcript

Topics Covered:

·      Thomas’s Background
·      Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry
·      Strategies for Making Theoretical Technology Practical
·      Legal, Ethical, and Governance Considerations
·      Is the Market Ready or Multi-Party Computation?
·      Who Will Be the First Implementers of Innovative Tech?
·      Example of Privacy Enhancing Technology Implementation
·      Techniques for Utilizing Proper Security Protocols
·      Mitigating the Risks in Tech Post-Quantum Computing
·      Learning Experiences at TNO
·      Thoughts on Deploying Privacy Measure in Different Jurisdictions

Resource Links: 

·      Thomas’ LinkedIn
·      TNO Website
·      CWI Cryptology Group
·      Thomas Attema’s Publications
·      Sugar Beets Options and Multiparty Computation
·      Multiparty Computation Introduction
·      Use Cases for Multiparty Computation Paper
·      GDPR
·      Privacy-Friendly HIV Treatments
·      Homomorphic Encryption
·      Federated Learning
·      TNO Spin-off Companies
·      The Quantum Threat
·      Future of Data Privacy

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