Uri Klarman, CEO of bloXroute: Layer Zero and the Need for Speed

This week on The Encrypted Economy, my guest is Uri Klarman, CEO of bloXroute Labs. BloXroute Labs is a layer zero solution to the scalability issues that inhibit blockchain’s global adoption. If you are interested in scalability solutions or extracting value from the blockchain, this episode is for you. Be sure to subscribe to The Encrypted Economy for more insight on the infrastructure solutions that will enable blockchain networks to reach more users around the world.

Topics Covered:
·       Introduction
·       Uri’s Background
·       Understanding the Layers of Blockchains
·       How Does BloXroute Improve the Blockchain?
·       Similarities Between BloXroute and Akamai
·       Implications of the Network Layer
·       A Deep Dive Into MEV
·       Is MEV All Bad?
·       How Does MEV Relate to What BloXroute is Doing?
·       Managing Blockchain’s Scalability Issue and the Gas Limit

Resource List:
·       Uri Klarman LinkedIn
·       BloXroute
·       What is MEV?
·       Philip Daian Flashbots Paper
·       The Blockchain Scalability Problem
·       Layer One vs Layer Two
·       Akamai
·       Sharding
·       Flashbots
·       Frontrunning and Backrunning
·       Gas Limits
·       Mempools
·       Controlling the Gas Limit with the Eagle Project


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