What’s in Your NFT? Ben Lakoff and Sam Casey, Charged Particles – E58

This week on The Encrypted Economy, our guests are Ben Lakoff and Sam Casey from Charged Particles. They join us to discuss use cases with the protocol and Charged Particle’s mission to integrate interest accruing functionality to NFTs. Be sure to subscribe to The Encrypted Economy for more discussion on use cases that reshape our understanding of innovative technologies.

Topics Covered:
· Introduction
· Sam’s Background
· Ben’s Background
· Overview of Charged Particles
· NFT Value Duration
· The Distinction Between Digital Asset Wallets and Charged Particles
· Building Out Use Cases
· Charged Particles and Hedging
· Guilds of the Charged Particle Discord
· Integrating Charged Particles

Resource List:
· Ben’s LinkedIn
· Sam’s LinkedIn
· Ben’s Twitter
· Sam’s Twitter
· Charged Particles Website
· Charged Particles Discord
· Charged Particles Medium
· Gitcoin Kernel
· Article: NFT Containers with Programmable Value