When Does Code Defer to Law? Andrew Hinkes, Partner at K&L Gates – E46

This week on The Encrypted Economy, my guest is Drew Hinkes, Partner at K&L Gates and Adjunct Professor at NYU Stern and NYU School of Law. With extensive legal experience and involvement in blockchain technology since 2013, Andrew gives his insight on the liability issues that developers face in blockchain and the legal framework of the ecosystem. Be sure to subscribe to The Encrypted Economy for more perspective on legal issues that are looming in the crypto space and creating reliable environments for users.

Topics Covered:
·       Introduction
·       Andrew’s Background
·       Why Discuss Smart Contract Enforcement?
·       What is a Smart Contract and What is its Significance?
·       Jurisdictional Issues with Smart Contracts
·       Navigating the Claims Process with Daos
·       How do Daos Limit Liability and is it Enforceable?
·       Limiting the Ability for Claimants to Bring Disputes Without Depriving


Resource List:
·       Andrew’s LinkedIn
·       Andrew’s Twitter
·       K&L Gates
·       The Limits of Code Deference
·       The Decentralized Autonomous Organization
·       Smart Contracts
·       Introduction to Smart Contracts
·       Solidity Code
·       Coney and Hoffman Transactional Scripts in Contracting Stacks
·       Tezos California Federal Court Case
·       Alibaba Coin Southern District of New York Case

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