Why Bermuda Got Crypto Right! Natalie Neto, Walkers Bermuda – E59

This week on The Encrypted Economy, our guest is Natalie Neto, Partner at Walkers Bermuda. With extensive experience advising firms throughout fintech, Natalie talks to us about her experience with digital asset regulation in Bermuda. Be sure to subscribe to The Encrypted Economy for more insight on digital asset regulations that reshape our understanding of innovative technologies. 

 Topics Covered:
·       Introduction
·       Natalie’s Background
·       What Makes Bermuda an Attractive Jurisdiction for Digital Assets?
·       What types of Digital Asset Firms Does Bermuda Attract?
·       Potential Regulatory Changes For VASPS
·       Pivoting from Other Jurisdictions
·       Complying with Licensing Criteria
·       Breaking Down the Licensing Process
·       Discussing the ICO Registration Process

Resource List:
·       Natalie’s LinkedIn
·       Walkers Bermuda
·       Bermuda Monetary Authority
·       Digital Asset Business License
·       License Application Process
·       Bermuda Monetary Authority Guidance Notes
·       FATF VASP Guidance
·       Bermuda amends DABA to include derivatives

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